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About Us

The Next Generation of Hydration

Only Oxygen was born from a desire to combine the purity of nature

with the power of technology.

Our proprietary technology encapsulates and stabilizes bioavailable ultra-fine oxygen bubbles - uniting the two most essential elements of life: Water and Oxygen.

Our Story

Only Oxygen is sourced from Treboy Spring, a privately owned artesian spring located in the United Kingdom.


Thoughtful care is taken with the land, ensuring it remains free from pesticides and pollutants resulting in pristine spring water naturally enriched with electrolytes as well as minerals – the perfect base from which to create Only Oxygen Spring Water.

During the bottling process at our state-of-the-art facility; the water undergoes a four-stage (absolute) filtration process before being supercharged with pure oxygen through proprietary ultrafine oxygen bubble technology.

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