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Thank you for giving me my life back - Review for Kure Oxygen Water

I have suffered with chronic dermatitis on my hands since the birth of my son 7 years ago.

I have been under the dermatology department of my local hospital since 2017 and have been given every lotion, potion, steroid & medication under the sun to try and help stop the skin hardening, splitting, bleeding and peeling from my hands. I could no longer bath my children, I had to wear latex free gloves when I bathed, changed nappies, did the washing up etc. etc.

I was on prescription painkillers to cope with the pain and eventually ended up having to inject myself weekly with cytotoxic, immunosuppressive medication to artificially suppress my immune system to stop my skin attacking itself. These were cancer meds with horrible side effects.

I turned to Kure 18 months ago when Covid hit and I stopped the injections for fear of suppressing my immune system. I was desperate to find something natural that could help me but was acutely aware that it would be extremely unlikely due to the severity of my condition.

I can hand on heart say that that has been singularly the best decision i ever made.

After several weeks of drinking several bottles a day, my hands had all but healed.

To say I was shocked and absolutely blown away is an understatement and despite the results I still found myself extremely skeptical, however I changed absolutely nothing else about my lifestyle or habits bar the introduction of this water into my life.

To say it has changed my life doesn't sound sufficient, but it truly has.

Looking at my hands now you'd never even know how severe and debilitating my condition had once been.

I cannot thank you guys enough for giving me my health & quite frankly, my life back, literally.

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