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  • What temperature should Only Oxygen Water be kept at?
    Room temperature or chilled.
  • Can you boil Only Oxygen Water for tea, coffee or cook with it? Does the oxygen escape through the process?"
    You can do all these things and the oxygen remains.
  • What happens if Only Oxygen Water is frozen?
    It turns into ice. Only Oxygen drinking water will freeze just like regular drinking water but will do so at a slightly lower temperature
  • Can my pets drink the water?
    If you want them to be healthier and happier sure!
  • How much water should be used daily?
    The same recommendations as for regular water.
  • Does the oxygen escape when you open the bottle?
    No, it is infused within the water's composition.
  • Where do you source your water from?
    The water used in Only Oxygen is from a natural spring in Cornwall, United Kingdom.
  • Where do you bottle Only Oxygen?
    Only Oxygen is bottled at the source in Cornwall, United Kingdom.
  • Can’t we just drink regular water to get hydrated?
    Yes you can, but Only Oxygen Water gets you both hydrated AND oxygenated.
  • How is the additional oxygen added to the water?
    This is done by direct infusion of pure O2 at an ultra fine level. Ultra fine encapsulations of oxygen do not have enough mass to float and thus stay saturated and suspended for years within the water.
  • Are there side effects from drinking Only Oxygen Water?
    Only Oxygen Water dramatically improves oxidization and creates positive changes in the blood profile. There are no known side-effects.
  • Can you drink too much of it?
    It is possible to have too much of any water, however the ultra fine encapsulations in Only Oxygen water are made available to the alimentary canal and is not forced into tissues. The incredibly small bubbles are utilized readily by intestinal tissues when needed. There are no toxic effects or overdosing on the constituents of Only Oxygen water.
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