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Cyndi Ingle

Only Oxygen Spring is so refreshing!

I recently tried Only Oxygen Spring Water, which is spring water infused with ultra-fine oxygen bubbles. I had never had this type of water before so wasn't sure what to expect. The water was crisp and clean tasting. I found it super refreshing, with no aftertaste. I also found the packaging to be lovely. I would buy this water again and recommend it to my friends who are looking for a delicious and healthy bottled water.

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It tasted like nothing, which is GREAT. Even filtered water that I drink at home has a slight taste too. I noticed right away the quality. I love this water!

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This water is fantastic
This water is fantastic. As someone else had mentioned, it tastes like nothing, which is exactly what I look for in bottled water. I was skeptical about the "oxygen micro bubbles," however, they are definitely there! Pour a bottle into a glass of ice, the oxygen can be seen as tiny bubbles on the sides of the glass. It almost looks carbonated, but it doesn't taste carbonated in the least. Delicious, crisp, refreshing. Especially delicious after a night of a few too many wobbly pops.. I'm really looking forward to seeing Only Oxygen Water on the shelves at my local grocery store!

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Emma Cable

Everyone’s experience is different, but from my own point of view, I  couldn’t believe this until I tried it myself for my daughter.

My daughter suffers from skin flare ups and psoriasis that were  constant. We couldn’t keep the flare ups under control until I tried  this, and I couldn’t believe it.

Mark Adderley

I’ve got to say this water is the best bottled water  I’ve ever had. It’s done wonders for my muscle  fatigue.


After a few weeks of drinking two liters per day, I

feel like a new man. Well done.

Active Senior Man

Patrick Azille

Just drinking a bottle a day, I have more energy and  get lots of compliments on how amazing my skin is  looking. Love it!

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