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Oxygen Global Brands Water Wins 2021 Most Advanced Mineral Water Award

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Oxygen Global Brands LTD

Most Advanced Mineral Water 2021 Windsor, United Kingdom.

Oxygen Global Brands LTD, a British company, commissions the production and distribution of a unique oxygenated Spring water announced today that its product, Kure Oxygen Spring Water was named the winner of the SME News, British made awards, The Most Advanced Mineral Water of 2021. A significant award that recognizes British manufacturers Whether it be using technology and data in new ways or offering something radically new by way of a product or service. “This pretty much sums up the anecdotal evidence building up supplied by testimonials from drinking our oxygenated water” said Steve Kassam, head of Global Markets.

“We hope that this recognition of Kure Oxygen Water can serve as an inspiration to others. We will continue our efforts to serve on a national and international level as we continue to grow from strength to strength, bringing about positive changes in our field through creativity & innovation for many years to come”

Awarded by SME News who celebrate the success stories of one of the most important sectors in the UK economy, SME News understand the significance of this sector of businesses and each year host SME awards aimed at specific regions or industries looking to showcase some of the key players for doing great things. Their experienced research team compiled each case-file using nomination information, voting information, any supporting evidence, along with the results from their own extensive period of fact-checking and research. Following which, their panel consider how each applicant demonstrates the commitment, industry expertise, and innovation required to succeed within the highly specialized manufacturing industry. Consequently, their judges have determined that Kure is providing an exemplary service & product which is deserving of recognition!

Kure Oxygen Spring water is a British advanced everyday drinking oxygenated water that uses fine, provenance, coastal, natural spring water to deliver additional ultra fine oxygen to the body. This fine Cornish water is supercharged with additional oxygen using propriety technology years in the making. As a result of drinking all the benefits of additional oxygen are received. There has been a wealth of anecdotal evidence, discovery studies and live blood analysis testing building up, supplied through testimonials and various institutions. Ultra fine or Nano sized Oxygen particles have been the focus of studies in major institutions around the world, Ultra-fine oxygen bubbles have several unique properties and have been tested in various medical fields. An important factor is the speed in which additional oxygen can be delivered to the blood and body. “There are other applications utilizing the technology” Says Anna, Head of public relations, “It has been previously demonstrated that administration of oxygen ultra-fine bubbles promotes the growth of plants, animals, and fish, we aim to further investigate these matters” “Our ambitions for global growth are no secret” says Abbas Bukhari, Operations director “with availability in 7 countries and more in the onboarding process we have begun something special and people are responding in the most amazing way”

The product is manufactured in the United Kingdom and launched in countries such as Canada branded as “Only Oxygen Water, in Asia as Kure Oxygen Water and shortly to launch in the middle east under “Just Oxygen”. “This is a global movement of change and awakening” says Anna Iversen “ We are creating a movement, a culture for better living and our goal is to inspire people to experience how healthy living can become easier. We want people to feel the difference between just living and truly feeling alive by disturbing and disrupting current thinking. This change in thinking inspires our evolution for the betterment of humanity” The Team hopes that this recognition of Kure Oxygen Water can serve as an inspiration to others in their award acceptance speech. “We are overwhelmed with gratitude to have been selected to receive the SME News “British Made” award for our product Kure Oxygen spring Water, achieving the Most Advanced Mineral Water 2021. Thank you SME News for all your efforts. We are so honored to have our work recognized in this way. Many years went into perfecting Kure Oxygen Water and to receive the 2021 Most advanced Mineral water means so much to us that the work that we are so passionate about also resonates and benefits so many people”.

The brand currently export from the United Kingdom & intend on licensing their technology through international tech transfers in 2022. The company claims its technology is modular and can be added on to an existing bottling line. The technology can be used for still water and carbonated, juices and all kinds of drinks. The company believes the technology is vital not just for beverages but hydrotherapy, aqua therapeutics and whole host of other applications from medicines to the environment. Awarding Organization: SME NEWS Award Notice: Award Coordinator: Emma Pridemore Tel: 0203 3970 0025 Email: Awarded Product: Kure Oxygen Spring Water Origin: United Kingdom Place of manufacture Cornwall - UK. OXYGEN GLOBAL BRANDS LTD Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom Tel: 01753 373 266

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